Giving a fair and clear warning in its press release, the forthcoming collaborative LP Image Version from the Berlin-based sound artist holymachines and the visual artist/motion designer Aquiet is “not an easy album.” While the collection may not be the most manageable or accessible piece of music, it carries its own haunting, digital aura that leaves stunning ambient inflections and granulated traces in its wake. With Image Version, holymachines approaches his art through a method, which he refers to as “genre observation.” Rather than dredging up and reinterpreting various forms of music from contemporary culture, holymachines “absorbs smaller fragmentary snatches, deconstructing them and reassembling them as bold new sonic gestures.”

The album is set to drop on April 1 via Average Negative and to celebrate this forthcoming release, holymachines has offered up the LP cut “Ritual Pro” as today’s XLR8R download. Carrying itself with a percussive element that feels as though it’s been shattered like glass on the pavement, the track employs deep droning tones and a slew of warped static that evolves into a tapestry of coarse electronic noise.

You can download the track “Ritual Pro” below via WeTransfer. Check out more from holymachines by going to his Soundcloud page here.

Pre-order the album here.

Ritual Pro