It seems not even the indie-pop songstresses that briefly grace Southern California’s vast landscape can escape the rhythmic essence of that region’s music scene. Like on “Home,” our first peek into the much-anticipated debut album from former LA resident Glasser, Ring, the first sounds heard flesh out a rolling beat reminiscent of something from Flying Lotus’ early work before the chanteuse’s airy falsetto floats gently into the mix, nimbly executing vocal gymnastics in the most sublime of ways. And it’s no wonder singer/songwriter Cameron Mesirow, who now keeps a Brooklyn address, called this welcoming song “Home”; once those synths commandingly charge in underneath her densely layered harmonies, you immediately get the sense that Mesirow is dreaming of returning to her own native lands (wherever those may be), or is already there, celebrating its wonders. This song couldn’t excite us more for Ring‘s release on September 28.

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