Mix one part new wave, one part krautrock, one part post-punk, and one part Lower East Side psychedelia and you’ll get Swedish septet Ikons. Mix one part Balearic disco, one part analog-synth wizardry, and one part epic space journey and you’ll get this remix of Ikons’ track “Honey,” by UK production duo Coyote. Timm Sure and Amp, the fellas behind the Is it Balearic? imprint and mixes for Cool in the Pool, seem to ditch almost everything but Ikons’ vocal track, which is merely a baritone utterance of the song’s title. The focus of the original “Honey”—its bouncing drum beat, its monotonous bassline, and its driving guitar riff—is nowhere to be heard, and Coyote takes the opportunity to push the song’s meandering synth tones up to the front alongside a pulsing disco-house rhythm and bass melody.

01 Honey (Coyote Remix)