Cologne-based production duo and Kompakt signees Marius Bubat and Georg Conrad (a.k.a. Coma) have sent over the first single from their forthcoming In Technicolor LP, called “Hoooooray.” German vocalists Ada and Roosevelt harmonize on a minimalist melody throughout Coma’s track, while a glowing synthline, playful handclaps, and garbled sci-fi sounds help bring the production to life. Before the rest of Coma’s In Technicolor LP arrives on April 15, you can watch the colorful, animated video for “Hoooooray” by German cartoonist Nils Knoblich, which features three young women who take a zombied man under their wing to a Coma show. Check that piece out after the jump, where you’ll also find the artwork and tracklist for Coma’s forthcoming album.

01. Hoooooray
02. Maybach
03. Cycle
04. Les Dilettantes
05. Missing Piece
06. #
07. Out Of Control
08. My Orbit
09. The Great Escape
10. maximal MINIMAL
11. Scales
12. T.E.D.