As the description reads on this young San Francisco artist’s SoundCloud page, “Avalon Emerson will not transcend genre (the job of Cage and Prince and avocado pho), but her no-brow style might transcend the meta tags of your brain’s dumbass heart.” Emerson obviously isn’t one to mince words when describing her work, and the sarcastic-yet-honest attitude fits her new production, “Horoscope,” to a tee. A bounding kick drum and some very loose, pleasantly disorienting toms run rampant across this seven-and-a-half-minute behemoth, which also features Emerson playfully asking us to join in on the hedonism in a series of incomprehensible toasts. Add a twist of carnival-referencing organ melodies to the mix, and you’re left with an intoxicating blend of festivities ripe for springtime sunshine.