UK-based producer and head of the newly-founded Bergerac imprint, Danny Berman (a.k.a. Red Rack’em/Hot Coins), has continued to build on his reputation since the release of his debut LP, The Early Years, last October. “Housey,” taken from said LP, is a clear example of Berman’s style which finds him searching the common ground amongst a variety of influences, including deep house, electro-boogie, space disco, and Detroit techno. The track comes together as if all the different elements had gone for a pleasant afternoon stroll, the funky bassline and boogie drums strutting confidently along before meeting up with the percolating synths and twinkling pianos along the way. It all happens so effortlessly that it’s a surprise when the song actually comes to an end, so if you wish to remain in the warm, easy flow that “Housey” creates, make sure to put this one on repeat before diving in. It appears Berman’s already having a busy 2011, as a single for the track “Feel My Tears” is slated for release on his label in February and he’ll be launching a new vinyl-only label, Nettles, in March.