Throughout the past decade, German producer Ben Mono has been making a name for himself in Europe with steady releases on the Munich-based Compost label, and now he has prepped his US debut with a release for New York outlet Plant. His record, titled The Feel EP, features two originals and four remixes, two of which were crafted by London duo CSY & Stripes. “How It Is (CSY & Stripes Remix)” focuses more on low end than the original production, which boasts a garage-tinged beat and some uplifting vocal samples. The duo’s version tames the spoken samples into wispier and more robotic-sounding forms, and showcases a rumbling, oscillating layer of bass speckled with whirring synth chords. The Feel won’t see a full release until December 4, but you can pick up an early copy here and stream the record in full after the jump.

How It Is (CSY and Stripes Remix)