An artist who has highlighted during the course of our recent Bubblin’ Up Week of content (and a frequent collaborator of XLR8R‘s most recent podcast contributor, Anthony Parasole), NYC producer/engineer Phil Moffa has turned in a new remix for free download. Here, Moffa has taken on “Follow,” a cut from Vancouver duo Humans‘ upcoming NOONTIDE LP, turning the active production into a much more subdued piece of techno. Dark and dense, Moffa’s rework stretches ambient textures and a bouncing delay sequence across a chugging six minutes, which methodically build steam as additional cymbals and chopped snippets of the original track are added to the procession. Phil Moffa’s remix of “Follow” can be downloaded below before Humans’ NOONTIDE LP lands via the Hybridity label on February 24.

Follow (Phil Moffa Remix)