Founded in 2013, the California-based imprint Hesperian Sound Division continues to manifest into an authentic and dependable source of raw electronic club sounds. Following the release of the label’s inaugural compilation Hesperian Division Vol. 1, which featured artists such as Dreams and Fugal, the label went on to release two EP’s from Netherlands-based producer Aleks and NYC’s inventive Exotic Dance Records founder J. Albert. With the purpose of making a record that would “carry a dance pedigree but move away from traditional club oriented tracks into something that stands on its own musically,” Hesperian Sound Divisions’ next release will come from the reputable Georgian producer HVL.

Having achieved just that, HVL and Hesperian Sound Division have decided to kindly offered up the forthcoming EP’s title track “Bizarre Realms” as today’s XLR8R download. Coming in at 121 BPM, the track possesses a cloaked and aquatic synth arrangement that bubbles alongside an abrading rhythm before easing down into a placid and aerial soundscape that will put you at ease.

You can download “Bizzare Realms” below via WeTransfer.

Bizarre Realms