Over the last few months, London-based producer Tony Craig (a.k.a. Hypah) has been causing a stir with his relentless, pulverizing techno, drawing acclaim from NTS and Rinse FM and artists such as Slam, Truss, Ancient Methods, Cleric, and Tommy Four Seven.

When quizzed on his musical outlook and ethos, Craig explains that he looks to “very specific moments in my life” for inspiration to make “people feel the way I felt when I first heard techno. Like a God made music just for me and everyone too. Like there was an extra bit of meaning in the music that only I could hear.” Although he looks to transcendental experiences and life affirmations for inspiration, the music he crafts is uncompromising and menacing, gritty techno cuts that look to destroy dancefloors.

As an introduction, Craig has offered up his cut “Loves Disappearance” as today’s XLR8R download via WeTransfer below. You can also find more on his music here.

Loves Disappearance