Croatian producer Cloudfactory (a.k.a. Matija Vojvodic) has been quietly making tunes for upwards of a year, but hasn’t yet received much in the way of international exposure. Vojvodic is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist who only recently made the jump to electronic music, gradually crafting a sound that recalls Shlo-Fi-era Shlohmo or the current sounds of fellow Friends of Friends signee Evenings. “Hypersense” might be the most representative of Cloudfactory’s sound thus far: The tune opens with a cut-and-paste guitar lick which moves alongside see-sawing bamboo percussion and a tranquil organ. The tune holds court for just over three minutes, adding oscillating synths and whispering bass along the way. Though “Hypersense” is a one-off freebie, its producer has a five-track EP called Floodlight on the way, as well as a release from his electronic pop sideproject TOMISLAV.