It was just yesterday when UK producer Graphics (a.k.a. Alfie MacGibbon) colorfully announced that he was starting his own label, LYWat Records, and gave away its first free tune, the moody “Dogs Yawn.” Apparently, he’s eager to keep the ball rolling; MacGibbon quickly got back in touch with us—handing over a second tune from his free EP, the deep skitter of “I Don’t Wanna,” inside of another illuminating email that further elaborates on his motives behind the new endeavor. As the artist/label boss explains it, “Basically, the reason I’m doing this is that I’ve got about 10 tracks that I wouldn’t play out at the moment and that I wouldn’t want to put on an album if I’m even gonna do one soon.” But music is apparently not the only thing we can expect from his imprint. “My love before music used to be film, and that’s all I wanted to do,” Graphics continues. “So, for example, I’ll be doing videos about pretty much anything, with a free song, etc.” If the quality remains this high, we look forward to receiving many more tunes, videos, and emails from MacGibbon.

I Don’t Wanna