The mysterious Leeds-based producer who goes by Last Magpie has only one release using that moniker, but the quality of his EP, No More Stories (artwork above), suggests considerable experience under his other alias, which purportedly exists and is quite well known, but has yet to be revealed. No More Stories was released back in March via Hypercolour offshoot Losing Suki, and the title track was notably featured on Maya Jane Coles’ DJ-Kicks mix. “I Need U,” an exclusive cut that will not appear on any official releases, shows off Last Magpie’s well-developed production skills in the form of a bouncy bit of UK garage. The song incorporates a subtle synth melody and soft chords over a 2-stepping drum pattern, accompanied by intriguing manipulations of Destiny Child’s tender 2001 cover of “Emotion,” originally written by the Bee Gees.

I Need U