In 2012, Iranian-born producer Amirali proved to be quite the powerhouse for Crosstown Rebels, as he released two EPs and a full-length album with the popular London outpost. He’s starting strong in 2013 with a new single, “Melancholia,” and he’s sent over this bonus cut, “I’ve Been Waiting,” to tease the record. The track undeniably smacks of retro vibes, with a chunky bassline and hollow-sounding drum-machine percussion. The elements don’t build to more than a moderate energy level, creating a sense of restraint that permeates the tune beyond the “I’ve been waiting for this moment” vocal refrain. Physical copies of “Melancholia,” which features two remixes from Swiss producer Deetron, will drop on April 1, followed by a digital release on April 15.

I’ve Been Waiting