Listening to the skipping house beat, driving bass, and colorful synth sequences which lie at the core of this particular remix, it’s easy to assume that Swedish producer Bam Spacey (pictured above) may have simply reshaped a similarly dance-minded tune to fit his more galactic spin on production and, voilá, turned in his so-called “Young Cuts” rework. But, believe it or not, Yast‘s “I Wanna Be Young” is actually a rather floaty bit of jangly indie-pop in its original form—a fact that’s pleasantly hard to deduce after hearing the song run through the sleek fingers of Mr. Spacey. This rework along with three others and, of course, the original track will be available on the forthcoming I Wanna Be Young EP, out March 12.

I Wanna Be Young (Bam Spacey’s Young Cuts Remix)