In recent months, gripes about the oversaturation of recent bass music with edited bits of R&B have become more prevalent on XLR8R, as one producer after another seems content to simply lift an old R&B hook and pitch-shift it into oblivion. While most of these efforts are not worthy of much praise, our complaints do come with the caveat that some tracks are better than others. In the case of French producer Raziek’s bass-laden take on “I Want,” we do like and recommend the tune, but we must also point out that it is something of an absurdity that the chopped and sped-up vocal samples on his remix are taken from Ashanti’s “Hey Baby,” the very same tune utilized by Montreal duo Sibian & Faun on recent single “I’m Sorry.” (To compound the oddity, note that “Hey Baby” was only a minor hit in 2007 and never had a physical release in the US.) On “I Want,” Raziek reconstructs the rhythm of the track, turning a steady house beat from Toronto’s Meech into a swinging garage pattern while adding a bit more punch to the bassline, but leaving the piano riff largely intact. This song, along with the original and three other remixes, can be found on the forthcoming I Want EP (artwork above), due out February 6 via Demento Mori.

I Want (Raziek Remix)