Adam Bozzetto may be Australian, but this track is completely drenched in funky, French house flavor. After the customary dance intro, Bozzetto playfully glitches and filters a disco sample (complete with female vocals) for a few bars, then the bass drops and we’re off. For the next five minutes he skillfully takes us through the sample, cutting and rearranging it into a few different catchy loops while keeping the dance floor in mind at all times. Bozzetto manages to make the tune pop and groove without using the aggressive compression and over-the-topness often employed by the banger-minded producers of modern French house, creating a vibe that’s more light and fun rather than in-your-face and shamelessly clubby. You can find “I Want To Be With You” nestled in with three other similarly funky disco-house gems on his recently released Distro Nox EP.

I Want To Be With Two