Thudding, intricately designed kicks are often the centerpiece of an artist’s work, carving out a suitably weighty core for the other elements of the track to orbit. But what if these other elements were of the same hefty material, and demanded the same amount of gravitational pull as that all-important bass drum? Answering that question is Myakkah, a new producer with a forthcoming EP on Diskotopia, Warehouse Soul, that focuses on the tension and grittiness of classic New York house without sacrificing an oft-forgotten aspect of that era: balance. “I Want To Feel” strikes an equilibrium by pitching kicks, subs, and higher-register percussion into new shapes that seem to enter and exit knowingly, anticipating their brethren on the frequency range to create a breathing effect. The synths certainly add to this inhale/exhale headspace, but the role of the percussion in inducing a push and pull is what Myakkah really seems to be keyed in on. Warehouse Soul is out on May 21; click through to the jump for a video of “I Want To Feel,” a new DJ mix from Myakkah, and a preview stream of the four-track EP.

Diskotopia DSKMIX: Myakkah by Diskotopia on Mixcloud

I Want To Feel