Burgeoning Bay Area-based producer Elephant & Castle has just released a new single (artwork above) for the Plug Research imprint, and has passed along the b-side, “I Will,” to help spread the word. Beginning with a series of blissfully reversed chords, E&C implements a few choice samples of incomprehensible female vocals and gently strummed guitar, gradually revealing the shape of things to come. Joined by an ever-so-slightly off-kilter drum pattern and a sparse, glistening melody, the initial layers build and mold themselves into a vast, enveloping chorus of melancholy electronics. With a slow-brewing core and a host of reversed sonic treatments, “I Will” can at times feel akin to watching a hazy film, playing backwards, in slow motion, if you’re stoned. The single comes with word that the label will be issuing an Elephant & Castle LP in the not-too-distant future, but for now we’re happy to savor tracks like this until that day arrives.

I Will