Since the release of their debut EP One, vocalist Angelina Lucero and producer Jojo Yang—who make up the female duo IDYLL—have gained a solid amount of traction as of late. The combination of Jojo’s stirring, trap-influenced beats and Lucero’s dazzling vocal melodies manifest into a truly mesmerizing and wistful collaboration. Now available for download exclusively on XLR8R is a remix of IDYLL’s track “Bad Boi” from another duo hailing from Washington D.C., Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom, who make up the group Nadastrom. The remix strips away some of the edgy, haunting elements of the song by adding in light percussion and a loitering rhythm that is altogether complemented by a sparse, unpredictable bassline and cold, swooning pads.

While XLR8R will only be offering the instrumental version of the remix as a free download, it is well worth it to check out the original track from IDYLL as well as the original remix from Nadastrom. The album One, and Nadastrom’s “Bad Boi” edit, are both out now via Friends of Friends, with IDYLL’s full album streaming on its website here.

Bad Boi (Nadastrom Dubstramental)