When he’s not running through fields and discovering creepy abandoned houses, Portland’s Thomas Meluch is busy making experimental pop songs under his Benoît Pioulard moniker. The music on Temper, set to drop next week on the esteemed kranky imprint, pairs acoustic guitars with software generated static, smooth cello arrangements with staggered percussion, and Meluch cites everything from T.S. Eliot to Italian neo-realists as his inspirations for the album. “Idyll” sweeps through a broad palette of the aforementioned sounds, while Meluch’s gently sung vocals add the finishing touches.

01 Ragged Tint
02 Ahn
03 Sweep Generator
04 Golden Grin
05 The Loom Pedal
06 Ardoise
07 Physic
08 Modèle d Eclat
09 Idyll
10 Brown Bess
11 Cycle Disparaissant
12 A Woolgathering Exodus
13 Détruisons Tout
14 Loupe
15 Taprye
16 Hesperus

Benoit Pioulard – Idyll