Al Doyle, a jack-of-all-trades musician and member of UK outfit Hot Chip, was comissioned by longstanding Brooklyn math-rock duo Turing Machine to remix the “If It’s Gone (It’s On)” cut off of the band’s recent What is the Meaning of What LP for Temporary Residence. In the tension packed production, Doyle expertly disassembles and manipulates the original song’s guitar riffs, suturing them together with sheets of futuristic synths, crashing cymbals, a pounding beat, and indiscernible robotic vocals that oscillate rapidly like a well-oiled contraption. The track will be featured on Turing Machine’s What is the Meaning of Remixes EP—which will also include remixes by Still Going, Lovelock, and Jee Day—when it drops on March 4.

If Its Gone Its On (Al Doyle Remix)