UK producer Matt Kidnap (a.k.a. Kidnap Kid, although his given name seems to be enough on its own) recently released an EP for the Squelch and Clap imprint entitled The Great Confusion, which featured the original version of “If.” Somewhere down the line, Kidnap tapped fellow Leeds-based producer Jamie Grind (pictured above) to work some remix magic on the track and it appears that Grind has taken to the task swimmingly. Leaving behind the traces of juke that characterized his last EP (aptly titled Footwork), Grind instead locks “If” down further into its rolling house vibe with an army of slow-moving chords and an irresistible shuffle. He also manages to hone in on a few of the vocal samples sprinkled throughout the original version, utilizing them for both rhythmic and melodic purposes and placing them just outside the tune’s dazzling array of swirling synths. We’re not sure how this syrupy reimagining didn’t make it onto the EP alongside remixes from TĂȘte de Tigre and Arcade, but we’re certainly glad it still found its way to us.

If (Jamie Grind Remix)