At the end of this month, London label Gobstopper Records will release the Urban Myth Ep by Leeds based newcomer Iglew. Described as “a result of the belated immersion of an outsider into sound system culture,” the four track outing will be the producer’s first release on Mr. Mitch‘s grime-focused label and shows that the young producer has surely found his footing. Being introduced to electronic music through podcasts and headphones rather than raves and soundsystems, Iglew’s productions focus heavily on harmony, melody, and texture “as opposed to dancefloor hype.” This can be heard on EP cut “Sleep Lighter VIP,” a highly atmospheric and textural affair; with sliding synth phrases and Iglew’s newly found bass knowledge front and centre. You can download “Sleep Lighter” for free below, with the full EP available for pre-order here.

Sleep Lighter VIP