What does a remix of the classic R. Kelly joint “Ignition” by Portland low-bit patron Copy sound like? Well, precisely what you’d think the unlikely pairing would sound like. Mr. Kelly’s inimitable vocal performance is left untouched, leaving the R&B icon to deliver car-related innuendos without interruption, and producer Marius Libman’s special brand of Nintendo-referencing synth-pop adorns the memorable lyrics. Though, as one might guess, Copy’s remix (2 Ignition) is injected with hip-hop’s and R&B’s particular bounce and sway, a vibe uncommon in his usual production work. It’s a pretty great taste of the EP that accompanies the PacNorthwest tunesmith’s forthcoming full-length, Hard Dream, which features five remixes of R. Kelly songs. We’re especially looking forward to hearing “Real Talk” and “Hair Braider” when it drops along with Dream on September 21 via Audio Dregs. (via Yours Truly)

02 Ignition (Copy Remix)