The latest sub-busting number to drop from Philly bass cadet Dev79‘s hard drive and into our anxious ears is a cut the producer describes as “future garage meets street bass,” called “In Grain We Trust.” And while that may be an apt comparison, we’d like to note how much the Pennsylvania native’s new track reminds us of early ’00s Tigerbeat6 fare. The tweaked reggae samples, the 8-bit sound bytes, the obtuse bass tones, playful synth melodies, and the incessantly ear-slamming beats all bring us back to the kinds of warped, dancehall-inspired rave jams that label boss Miguel De Pedro (a.k.a. Kid606) had a lengthy affair with back then. Dev79 does the sound justice and then some on this hyped-up title track from his new release. You can check out the rest of the In Grain We Trust EP (pictured above) over on Juno, here.

In Grain We Trust