Even with his “Deep Undercover” tune landing as one of our favorite tracks of 2013, Cardiff producer The Organ Grinder has had a somewhat quiet year, issuing the Dancing Angel EP for Gerd’s 4lux label early on and sneaking in the Another Process EP under the radar this month via the Heist imprint. But before 2013 comes to a close, The Organ Grinder has elected to make one last appearance in our Downloads section—offering the characteristically tech-minded, bass-obsessed “In the Beginning There Was Jack,” an expectedly jacking tune which focuses on a handful of chords and a particularly playful bell melody during the course of its five-plus-minute run. After giving “In the Beginning There Was Jack” a spin, those interested can grab a ZIP file of unreleased tunes from The Organ Grinder here.

In the Beginning There Was Jack