London-raised, now Berlin-based producer JR Seaton is set to release a trio of EPs for the Relish Recordings imprint this year, the first of which, entitled The Grey Flower (artwork above), is set to be released tomorrow. Here we’ve got a bonus edit of the EP’s opening track, “In Your Mask I See a Better Person,” on which we find Seaton stripping back the already minimal retro-house/nu-disco track to its essential elements. Perhaps the edit’s title refers to the clattering, percussive drum sticks that drive the intro loop before being overtaken by a series of small, cascading toms and the customary kick-hat-snare pattern. Once the track is in motion, Seaton implements a host of vintage synth tones from lazery melodic blips to sweeping pads that all playfully interact with the rhythm of the programmed drums, popping and gliding with a confident ease. By the time the spaced-out, abstract vocal refrain makes its fourth appearance, you better have your best retro-futuristic dance moves ready because there’s hardly a more appropriate time to show them off.

In Your Mask (Strip 4 Drumstix)