After emerging back in 2012 with a memorable collection of atmospheric productions on his debut LP, Night Drops, Italian producer Indian Wells will return to the Bad Panda label with a new LP later this year. Pulled from the upcoming seven-track album is “Alcantara,” a lush and hazy effort which charts a steady downtrodden stomp through a host of elongated (and tastefully side-chained) tones, hi-pitched vocal whispers, and layers of swaying bells whose loose clatters narrowly hang onto the beat. Set to appear early on in the course of Indian Wells’ forthcoming Pause LP, “Alcantara” can be downloaded in full below before the producer’s new record arrives on March 9; the forthcoming record’s full tracklist has also been included below.

1. Lipsia
2. Alcantara
3. Mountains
4. Changes
5. Pause/Vignelli
6. Games In The Yard (feart Matide Davoli)
7. New York Nights