Over the last three years, with standout releases from, among others, Doubting Thomas, Venter, and Khristian K, Catch Recordings has cemented its name as one of the UK’s most promising labels. To mark its 10th release and to close out the year with a bang, Catch presents an EP of sinewy techno from Swedish artist Inter Gritty.

The four tracks on the Removed EP range from loopy, Mills-esque techno to deep minimalistic grooves and droney ambient. It’s a varied-yet-cohesive set of machine-driven cuts from the Random Island Records owner who has proved to be a natural fit for Catch, as the label explains:

“We’re very happy to be ending a great year at Catch Recordings by bringing you an amazing 4 track EP of live analog sounds and recordings from Inter Gritty. We’ve been following his sound for a while and keeping our eye on him for a few years. He was a great artist to work with and really understood our sound, and after the EP was completed, he also agreed to mix a new track for a free download to say thanks to all our followers over the years. Thanks for all the support and we look forward to releasing our 2017 roster in the coming months”

The free download in question is for Inter Gritty’s live techno jam “Asteria,” a bonus cut running alongside the EP tracks. Inter Gritty has also made a video of the jam being played live, which you can check out below alongside the WeTransfer download.

You can pre-order Removed via Juno.