Guitarist Chris Schlarb and drummer Tom Steck (a.k.a. L.A.-based duo I Heart Lung) follow up on their latest release, Interoceans, with a collection of remixes provided by several key players in the underground hip-hop and electronic scene. Appropriately titled Interoceans Remixed, the album enlists the lyrical skils from the likes of L.A. rappers Bizzart and Radioinactive, and contains reinterpretations from Sugarghost and Strategy, amongst others. Similar to last week’s generous offering from Asthmatic Kitty, the label has done it once again and decided to give away this album at no cost. Viva free music!

Interoceans Remixed
01 Interoceans I (Self Says Remix with Express Fresh)
02 Interoceans II (Jel Remix with Awol One and Serengeti)
03 Interoceans III (Ellul Remix with Radioinactive)
04 Interoceans IV (Omid Remix with Gajah and Bizzart)
05 Interoceans I (Sugarghost Remix)
06 Interoceans II (Strategy Remix)
07 Interoceans III (Badun Remix)
08 Interoceans IV (Greg Davis Remix)

I Heart Lung – Interoceans I (Self Says Remix with Express Fresh)