It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Derek Piotr, a Polish-born, New England-based prodcuer who is continually taking on new forms in his electronic compositions. “Intersection of Rivers,” a tune pulled from Piotr’s forthcoming Tempatempat LP (out early next year), introduces the latest evolution in the man’s one-of-a-kind sound, which aims to “construct deeply layered and largely complex song-based tracks.” Still, it’s hard not to hear Piotr’s past as an audio collagist in “Intersection of Rivers,” as the production’s lead bell melody is joined by thick layers of fuzzy rumbling and the increasing echoes of refracted vocal samples across its brief, but immersive, runtime. Before the Tempatempat LP sees a release next year, its artwork and tracklist are included after the jump.

1. Bhadrakali
2. Mahakali
3. Mandala
4. Rift
5. Terminal
6. Encloses
7. Thicket of Light-Needles
8. Stay
9. Intersection of Rivers
10. Takataka
11. Slow March
12. Conifers
13. Yogyakarta
14. Encloses (Steve Roden Remix)

Intersection of Rivers