A new name has been floating around the Wolf + Lamb circle as of late with the upcoming release from a recent addition to the imprint, Aquarius Heaven. The former “dancehall, reggae, and hip-hop singer” has reoriented himself with a move to Berlin and a new EP, Can’t Buy Love (artwork above), which marks the vocalist/producer’s debut outing for the Wolf + Lamb imprint. Here, we have the digital-only bonus track from said EP, a track that employs a name more familiar to the circle, dOP. “Interview” turns out to be quite a literal song title, as the steadily subdued track finds Aquarius Heaven answering a few lofty and hypothetical questions involving happiness, a girlfriend murdering someone, and what choices one would make at the end of the world. “Interview” is definitely one of the weirder outings you’ll find in our downloads section, but it’s this kind of murky mix between strange, alluring, and oddly soulful sounds that keeps us coming back for more of what Wolf + Lamb has to offer.