The fledgling Ripl label recently made its debut by putting out Abcission, the new Dimlite (a.k.a. Dimitri Grimm) record, as its first release. The release is a collection of psychedelic outtakes and b-sides from Dimlite’s 2011 offering Grimm Reality, which was notably released without any mastering on any of its nine cuts, making for a listen that was as organic as it was slightly rough around the edges. In the cryptically titled “Into Vogon Skulls,” the Swiss tunesmith opens with a melody akin to what cranking the handle on an otherworldly jack-in-the-box might sound like, and before long, he morphs the wonky melody into full-on psychedelia, pairing it with stomping, mercilessly pounded drums and squelches of synth noise. After checking out this free download, you can stream the rest of Dimlite’s Abcission after the jump.

Abscission by Dimlite

Into Vogon Skulls