Lowb (a.k.a. Andy Barlow, one-half of UK pair Lamb) is prepping his first outing as a solo producer, with his debut album Leap and the Net Will Appear set for release via Distiller on June 3. A week prior however, Lowb will be releasing an EP based around the forthcoming album’s lead single “Inward Outburst.” The tune’s languid chill, however, might be in even better hands with Synkro, whose rework begins as bleary-eyed as one might expect, with shimmering, oceanside chords trading places with a windswept synth pattern. All the tricks of Synkro’s trade are out in full force—miles-deep low-end, longing female vocals, and the likes fill out the track—but in a surprising turn, the real standout element Synkro employs is a bit of enticing percussion, which gradually grows more fierce as the tune rolls on.

Inward Outburst (Synkro Remix)