Irammm is a new alias from an artist who lands on the Shaded Explorations label with a full-length entitled Les Deserts D’Irammm. It arrives in December and is an enthralling listen that takes you deep into a singular ambient techno world.

This mysterious artist has worked on other projects before now, and as Irammm has previously released a track on Shaded Exploration’s Soundscapes For Escape Vol. 3. The idea behind this new album is to “invite you into the archives of Irammm.” It is “a kind of a testimony of the life over here, alone in the desert, maybe buried, struggling for water amidst the illusion of an oasis” and was written as a cathartic exercise to release pain and find peace and sorrow in sound, and that is something all listeners will resonate with such is the evocative nature of all nine tracks.


01. Homa Domo
02. Bon Akvo
03. Enter Agua Ilusion
04. Hiego Dunes
05. Miraglo Ota
06. Far Marcha
07. Jour Au Matinu
08. Ebla Sands
09. Irammm Est mort

Ahead of the album’s December 15 release, you can grab “Far Marcha” via the WeTransfer button below.

Far Marcha