We’re all still a bit choked up from the bomb Air France dropped on us (he he, get it?) on Monday, when the Swedish duo announced it would be disbanding after nearly six years of making breezy, Balearic brilliance. And almost as a way to help us cope, Memory Tapes, a friend and labelmate of Air France’s over on Something in Construction, has let loose a remix he did of the last tune to surface from Joel Karlsson’s and Henrik Markstedt’s collaborative project, the effervescent “It Feel Good to Be Around You.” This new version employs plenty of strings and melodic atmospherics to keep the mood light, which the straightforward dance beat and funky bassline effectively do, too. Then there’s this vocal sample; it’s a bit indistinguishable, but the last couple of words stand out. Maybe it’s just our minds playing tricks on us, but we could almost swear she’s saying something like, “Are you with Air France?” And, of course, our only answer can be “Yes.”

It Feels Good To Be Around You (Memory Tapes Version)