Aki Latvamäki has his It Is Not Now Either EP set to drop via Halocyan next month, but in the meantime, we have one of the remixes of the title track form prolific techno DJ/producer and recent XLR8R podcast contributor Max Cooper. Latvamäki’s original is quite a production, with hand claps and a tambourine keeping time alongside funky bass slaps before the tune ends in a flurry of lasers and melodic keys. While Max Cooper retains the original’s energy, he minimizes the noise, opting for deep, oscillating synths and simple, skittering hi-hats. Spacey drip-drops add welcome atmosphere to Cooper’s glittering and warped club vibe. It Is Not Now Either drops on November 13 as a three-track 12″ that includes a “Sub Dub” remix from Cooper, with the digital package also offering this “Pseudologue” version and a remix from Japanese newcomer Atsushi Shimomura.

It is Not Now Either (Max Cooper Pseudologue)