Just over a week before 13 & God‘s sophomore album, Own Your Ghost, (the first since its 2005 self-titled debut) hits the streets, labelmate Antonionian (a.k.a. long time Anticon-associated producer and collaborator Jordan Dalrymple, pictured above) has remixed a track from the forthcoming record. Dalrymple chooses to push the original vocals far to the background, even going so far as to entirely remove the verses from “Its Own Sun” and instead focusing on a tiny, hyperactive beat that jumps and skids as if it’s completely ignoring the giant soothing cords that float just behind it. As one can imagine, melody reigns in this version of the tune, bouncing between arpeggiated guitar chords, glistening synths, and a muffled piano before being enveloped by a choir of voices that softly exhale the song’s simple, luring progression. Own Your Ghost is set to be released May 17.

It’s Own Sun (Antonionian Version)