Based in Spain, DJ-producer Jose Cabrera—stylized J.C.—has been electrifying European dance floors with his barebones techno style for the last decade. With releases on TresorBen SimsSymbolism, and his own eponymous imprint, Cabrera’s sound has touched a wide range of techno corners since he fittingly began releasing recorded music with a 2013 untitled EP. Since that time, the Spanish veteran has been cultivating his approach with a fusion of Chicago, Detroit, and Berlin sounds.

On August 26, Cabrera reignites his studio output with Mugako, which will drop through Svreca’s groundbreaking Semantica label. The release will be the fifth in the imprint’s Exhibition Design series, which has showcased an eclectic cast of artists such as Go Hiyama, Imugem Orihasam, Mod21, and Material Object on CD-R format. “Bixi,” the second of seven relentless, sharp-edged tracks on J.C.’s forthcoming full-length, offers intriguing clues into the Spaniard’s ever-expanding shortlist of influences and reference points.

Grab the track via WeTranfer below, and keep up with Semantica’s Bandcamp here for the release.