What you think about Chicago’s juke and footwork scenes is more or less inconsequential (but feel free to add your part of the debate over in our growing comment section for the DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn podcast), insomuch that the genre and its producers have been building a vibrant culture and style around the music for more than a decade, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. DJ/producer Gant Garrard (a.k.a. Gant-Man) is just one of the scene’s leader. He’s been honing his style of club-friendly dance tunes since his teenage years in the mid-’90s, runs the Bang tha Box label, and produces both house and juke tracks under two separate guises. Using his Gant-Man moniker, Garrard crafted “J.U.K.E.I.O.U.” for Chicago publication 5 Magazine‘s fifth anniversary. The hyperactive number is made from a handful of vocal samples exclaiming “juke!,” a bouncing bassline, a booming four-on-the-floor beat, and all sorts of flitting percussive elements and synth sounds played at breakneck speed; as such, the whole thing is over in under three minutes. And if for some reason this style isn’t your bag, you can instead grab Garrard’s exclusive house tune, “Poquito Spanish, Poquito House,” here. (via Fool’s Gold)