Reactivated cult label Pussyfoot Records presents a new installment of their renowned compilations. Space Is The Plaice is a 35-track “aquatic space opera,” the label explains, featuring all new and exclusive tracks from familiar faces such as label boss Howie B (ft. Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus), Major Force Productions, Jacknife Lee, Nick Faber, Rui Da Silva, Flowdan (of Roll Deep), Palm Skin Productions, and Pye Corner Audio to new artists like warped-jazz trio Blood Wine or Honey, art-pop talent Ninna Lundberg, and Milo Clare.

We’re told that the contributions interpret the galactic theme across a wide spectrum of sounds; from spacial soundscapes to trip-hop to cosmic disco to electronic ballads to extra-terrestrial funk and dream-pop. 

The album reaches to places that no label has reached before. Within the album, there is a deep sense of exploration of musical style and genre. A few years ago, the rebirth of Pussyfoot seemed light years away but all it took was a phone call to a few friends, asking if they’d like to write some music with a space edge. The result is beautiful and it will lead you far into the galaxy and beyond.”— Howie B

Space Is The Plaice will be released as a 35-track digital album with 28 track 3LP and 2CD versions on November 30. Ahead of the release, you can download Jacknife Lee’s “Overview” in full via the WeTransfer button below, or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions. 


01. TILT “Creation”

02. Blood Wine or Honey “Brilliant Pebbles”

03. Major Force Productions “Watashi wa Hikari”

04. Timothy Fife and Deadly Avenger “Anemone Mine”

05. Palm Skin Productions “Air Is The Prayer”

06. Jacknife Lee “Overview”

07. MX-774 “Into The Cosmos”

08. Ancient Lights featuring Flowdan “Crash Landing”

09. Kensuke Shiina “Orbiting Satellites”

10. Knowone “airy’S”

11. Ninna Lundberg “Way Out”

12. Milo Clare “20000”

13. Nick Faber “Dancing At The End Of The Universe”

14. Dobie “Ripley’s Theme”

15. David Harrow “Jovian System” (Digital only)

16. Ezra Hames “Lightseeker” (Digital only)

17. KingKong & The Chum “This Is The Place”

18. Chari Chari “Backward Compatibility”

19. Howie B featuring Norman Reedus “Letter from Space”

20. Rui Da Silva “Interstellar Voyager 3”

21. Romin “Riders To The Stars”

22. Skylab “Hostile Planet Escape Sequence”

23. Tojin Kit “Machina”

24. Spacer “Pseudomorph” (Digital only)

25. Pye Corner Audio “Deep Space Probe”

26. Luke Haines “Deep Space Junk”

27. Snuffy.NYC “Premium Goods” (Digital only)

28. FPM “Accept You All”

29. Rob Spectrum “FTBG” (Digital only)

30. Sunny Levine “Moon Hung”

31. Borgar Magnason “Into the Wild”

32. Snerv “The Space In My Place” (Digital only)

33. Oisin Lunny “Spaceport” (Digital only)

34. Sie “Music For Spacestations”

35. Ofeliadorme “Hands”