A surging force of sonic exploration and a true up-and-coming in Berlin’s techno scene, the formerly Bay Area-based artist Jamaica Suk continues to exercise a passion for techno while contributing new and exciting music for the club culture that she has come to know and love in Germany’s capital. A trained musician and student of jazz, Jamaica’s extensive musical background originally lead her towards a love of shoegaze and psychedelic rock. An eventual trip to Berlin changed her musical outlook drastically and Jamaica began to develop a love for the machine that would soon consume her. Originally just visiting, Jamaica decided to leave the West Coast of the United States permanently and took up residency in one of the techno capitals of the world (the only other being Detroit of course).

With two EPs on both Coal Records and FaceToFace, Jamaica Suk released her third, four-track EP, Trusst, on FaceToFace on November 16. XLR8R is pleased to share with you the Trusst EP cut “Dazed” as today’s download. The spotless, unadulterated techno sound coming from Jamaica Suk’s production speaks volumes regarding her tremendous musical capacity. The repetitive, guttural backbone of “Dazed” moves with vigor and diligence, guiding waves of metallic percussion that lift this club-ready track with great throb and breadth.

You can download the track in the player below and be sure to check out more from Jamaica Suk by going to her Soundcloud page here.