The past few years have seen London’s My Panda Shall Fly shifting and repurposing his talents into a number of different electronic structures, building a prolific and varied catalog in the process. Even with that in mind, “Japanese Woman” may be a first for the producer, as the moody composition pairs its set of cool chords and unsettled rhythms with a procession of, well, martial arts grunts (i.e. “hiya”), which, as the title seems to indicate, originated from a woman of Japanese descent. These auditory flashes of hand-to-hand combat are ultimately not the focus, though, as “Japanese Woman” finds My Panda Shall Fly patching together a number of seemingly unconnected ideas into a coherent—albeit slightly unconventional—piece of beat work. This latest cut from the budding UK talent is set to appear in the first half of No Secrets, My Panda Shall Fly’s upcoming four-track EP for Swiss label Creaked, out on April 28.

Japanese Woman