Raised in the scenic northern periphery of Denmark, Jesper Ryom gravitated to music at an early age as a tool of escapism and release. His recorded work—which incorporates an eclectic mix of guitars, house rhythms, and elements of hip-hop and dub—translates the idyllic surroundings of his upbringing into lengthy, thoughtful tracks that often transcend genre classifications. Ryom recently returned to La Fleur‘s Powerplant imprint, on which he released his 2011 Nature Boy debut, to contribute to their five-year compilation alongside Acid Mondays and Justin Massei.

Ryom has given XLR8R a download of that contribution, entitled “Chants.” As melancholic synth leads float spaciously around gentle guitars, soft-spoken kicks drive the track forward in concert with brief acid interludes.

Download via WeTransfer below, and buy the compilation here.