Berlin-based composer Johannes Motschmann (who studied composition, piano and electronic music; and has already written works for large orchestra) has now combined those two longstanding German traditions, electronic and classical music, on his album Electric Fields.

Drawing influences from Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno, Motschmann (accompanied by multi-percussionist David Panzl and Boris Bolles) took written scores into a studio and recorded live sessions that overflow with energy and emotion.

Ahead of the album’s August 19 release on the highly revered German label Neue Meister, “Echoes and Drones” has been made available as one of today’s free downloads below.


01. Skywhite
02. Parhelia
03. Echoes and Drones
04. Flow Expansion
05. Rotor
06. Headland
07. Electric Fields
08. Tenebrae
09. Hidden Tracks

Echoes and Drones