Johannes Volk‘s latest release, Insert, dropped last week via Hamburg label DISTRICT 66.

Insert continues a stellar run from Volk, one that has seen him land on Cocoon, Token, Suburban Avenue, and Artclub Records in the last year. On DISTRICT 66 he follows a sprawling 16-track various artists compilation and an EP from label co-founder Clark Davis, who evidently remixes a track on Insert. Like much of Volk’s back catalog, the tracks on Insert are aimed squarely at the floor with a focus on evolving, modular-style grooves with punchy low-end weight.

In support of the release, DISTRICT 66 has offered up Davis’ remix as today’s XLR8R download. Like Volk’s originals, Davis’ remix is a solid dancefloor weapon that utilizes a rock-solid groove and tripped-out synths to deliver its message.

You can grab Davis’ remix via WeTransfer below, with the full release available here.

Synthetic Souls (Clark Davis Remix)