Berlin-based John Osborn has an enviable track record in techno. After being raised in London, the producer first dabbled in the sound during his time as an art student in the city, whiling away the hours in the local record stores. Spurred on by those formative years, he upped sticks and made the move to Berlin in the late ’90s, where things really picked up steam; after years cutting his teeth as a DJ at the city’s clubs, he launched Tanstaafl Records back in 2011 (closely followed by sub-label Tanstaafl Planets). The imprints have provided a home for his own releases, which tend to fall somewhere between house and techno, as well as the likes of October, Joey Anderson and Henning Baer.

We are thrilled to be able to offer an unreleased cut from Osborn as our download today. The man himself had a few words to offer about the cut: “The bulk of this track, “Borders Of Existence,” was made in the weeks ensuing Labyrinth and my Asia tour last year. Every time I come back from playing in Asia I am always fully charged with inspiration from all the beautiful people I have encountered, so I try to capitalize on this creative flow as best as I can. I had a bunch of stuff (over five hours!) recorded at Handwerk Audio in Berlin that I cut up, closed my eyes and tried to capture the essence of what it is like for me playing in Asia, and in particular being at that extraordinary festival in the mountains of Japan. Many thanks to XLR8R for giving this track a platform so people can enjoy it. Mastered by Tim Xavier at ManMadeMastering and mixed at BlackHead Studios Berlin. Peace and Blessings, John.”

Borders Of Existence