Jonathan Uliel Saldanha is a multi-disciplinary artist working in sound, stage, and film. He works with live-dubbing, electroacoustics, percussive sounds, and wind instruments to create dense and confounding pieces of art. Those pieces have been released by a raft of labels such as Ångström Records, Wordsound, Rotorelief, and Tzadik, as well as SOOPA, an international art and music platform founded by Saldanha.

His latest release, Tunnel Vision, will land on his own Silo Rumor imprint and is a collection works focused around “resonant spaces, sub-bass, and a particular set of instruments interacting with disembodied voices.” The release is an edited and remastered version of Saldanha’s original score for Raz Mesinai’s experimental sci-fi film “Tunnel Vision.”

From the release, Saldanha has offered up “Train Tunnel / Crane Dub,” a haunting atmospheric cut, as today’s XLR8R download.

You can download the track via WeTransfer below.

Train Tunnel / Crane Dub