At the start of this month, Pastel Voids released Jonny Oso‘s Mind/Body/Science LP.

The album drops as a part of Pastel Voids’ collection of September 2017 releases, which has included Santiago Salazar’s Aspirations For Young Xol, Metropol x (703) 863-4357’s A Void With The Value Of Gold, Tendril’s First Strike, and Terrance’s God’s Country.

Oso’s album features eight cuts that anchor themselves in the rave era, with bass-heavy, dreamy jungle sitting next to breaks-influenced house and warped disco-tinged beats. The wild, sprawling album also arrives with a call-to-action:

“Baby J reminds you to please enjoy these trax irresponsibly, in the company of good friends, and on a nice sound system for that low low end and crisp clap in the ears. And if you wanna fly away, best believe you gotta go get it!”

In support of the release, Oso and Pastel Voids have offered up the album’s closing cut—which, besides this download, is a vinyl-only offering—”Food Bank,” a floaty, feel-good outing, as today’s XLR8R download, available via WeTransfer below.

You can grab the full album here.

Food Bank